Alain Van Kerckhoven: an interview

Xavier Barnich: Mr. Van Kerckhoven, thank you for having us. Could you introduce yourself in a few words and particularly tell us why you have expressed your passion for classical music in publishing? Alain Van Kerckhoven: My passion for music and for publishing surprisingly converged at the time of a discrete technological breakthrough. In the […]

An Essay on New Consonant Music

by Pierre-André Boland(translated by Dafydd Bullock) New Consonant Music. This is the name of an aesthetic movement which we are going to try to describe to you, very briefly. Focus is essential, otherwise New Consonant Music is simply far too general a concept. In the course of the history of music, you can easily find […]

Beauty is Revolution

by Beth Anderson To make something beautiful is revolutionary (not low class, not easy, not a sign of low intelligence). Last year I wrote an article about my approach to music for “Heresies”. In it, I said that “the relationship of feminism to my work and the evolution of the form of my music are in […]

Lysight’s Textbooks

The current version of Michel Lysight’s textbooks are available and downloadable for free (in French): – Formation aux langages contemporains (Baccalauréat 1) – Formation aux langages contemporains (Baccalauréat 2) – Formation musicale (Baccalauréat 3)

Lysight’s Analyses

Contemporary composers are often approached by students, organiszers, performers and other producers for short analyses or presentations of their works. The present collection brings together the analyses made by Michel Lysight on his own works. You can download the PDF file (in French).

POMO, Inc.

This small essay, in French, is an introduction to Postmodernisme… a kind of Pomo for the dummies Il dresse un portrait en pieds du postmodernisme, de ses origines lointaines à son éclosion récente. Il explique comment le postmodernisme incorpore tant l’informatique que l’art ou la recherche fondamentale. Il postule que, loin d’être une mode ou un […]


1. Introduction Why this FAQ ? The intent of this FAQ is to provide an up-to-date introduction and basic information to the New Consonant Music. It contains frequently asked questions with answers relating to New Consonant Music. It originally began as a general-purpose FAQ for the New Consonant Music web site. It was also distributed by […]

Le piano dans l’oeuvre de Gilberto Mendes

Antonio Eduardo Gilberto Mendes, né à Santos en 1922, dans l’année de la Semaine de l’Art moderne, est le partage des eaux de notre culture et a pu influencer les anarchistes, futuristes, communistes, militaires, dadaïstes et les cannibales tous les mouvements de rupture de ce pays à partir de cette période. En tenant compte l’influence […]

L’Audience planétaire

There are many ways for globalisation to affect music. This essay in French assumes that these changes are not an evolution but a major revolution touching the essence of music. La musique passe naturellement pour un langage à même de transcender les autres, présentant une universalité qui ne s’encombre d’aucune frontière. Pourtant, les milieux de […]

New Consonant Music Evangelists

New Consonant Music is daily performed by famous performers and ensembles.They are fantastic musicians but the have another precious quality: they are curious! They enjoy discover new works, new composers. They do not resign themself to the well-known classical repertory, they bring new works to life. Amongst them, some exceptional musicians created several works in […]

Reasons for the collapse of Modernism

Michael Sahl In architecture, the great moments were discoveries about how to span great spaces, e.g. when Brunelleschi went up inside the dome of the Parthenon, and appropriated what he learned in making the Duomo of Firenze. In music the great strides of classical music were in the spanning of time. Now, technically, time can […]